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About Us

Ark-Tenn Cricket Leauge is an Amateur sports organization, organized for charitable purposes to further the sport of cricket in Arkansas, Tennessee, and surrounding areas.

The specific purposes for which this entity is organized are:
To build diversified communities, promote, encourage, foster and cultivate interest in the sport of cricket at all levels and including Youth and Adults;
To initiate, sponsor, promote and carry out plans, policies and activities that would further the development and advancement of cricket in Arkansas, Tennessee and surrounding areas;
To work with State and National level entities such as Park Boards, Schools, and approved National Cricket Organizations to create infrastructure and promote the sport of Cricket;
To develop, foster and train amateur athletes for representation in state, national and international cricket competitions.

The Ark-Tenn Cricket league (ATCL) was formed in 2006 to encourage the spread of cricket in the mid-south area. Although there were teams playing cricket in the area before (Tennis ball, Taped-Tennis ball, MRI ball, Season ball), there was no organized league before ATCL was formed.

The idea for ATCL was that there were teams in the Memphis area, Jonesboro, and Little Rock that were willing to travel about 2 hours to play a match. ATCL brought these teams together and formed a league that has grown from 5 teams at its inception to 15 teams today.

The founding teams for ATCL were JCC, CACA, LRCC, MCC and BCC.